A Few Words About DBK Trust



Yes, DBK Trust was founded on those exact principles of integrity, character and strength initiated through Co-Founders David and Beth Kiselak, as well as Chris Fuchs of StabilityAndFamily.com and The ZONE Group.

Because confidence in, and reliance on, good, stable, relationship driven qualities such as fairness, truth and honor are of utmost importance, DBK Trust works with The ZONE Group, Inc. as its fund manager.

Amidst over 40 years of collective successful business management, marketing and investment experience, DBK Trust was founded to provide significant growth opportunities through safe alternative investments to those accredited investors we have an existing relationship with, while capitalizing on our passion for excellence.

Partnered with a master fund that has facilitated over $1 billion of death benefit, DBK Trust specializes in the structuring, servicing and meticulous management of a robust customized portfolio of life settlements. The entire DBK Trust team has an unyielding commitment to customer service and an unprecedented support system for our clients.

Our structure allows us to strategically align our interests with industry leading partners while maintaining transparency and mitigating risk, at the same time utilizing rigorous underwriting and process controls.

Continuing our focus of bringing secure and innovative alternative financial products to market, our portfolio contains only life settlement products that have traditionally provided an excellent alternative to market volatility. This asset-class is completely uncorrelated to the turbulent stock, bond and real estate markets, as well as all geo-political events.

As a leading sales and marketing organization in the alternative wealth strategies arena, DBK Trust has worked diligently developing solid partnerships allowing our investors to benefit from these relationships with unprecedented growth cultivated, all while preserving the integrity of the portfolio.

Our Objectives and Fund Managers

Growth & Safety

A truly unique experience providing unprecedented growth by participating in superior wealth strategies with predictability and ultimate safety for your investment, by investing in life policies issued by Top Rated Insurance Companies.

Extraordinary Consistency

Perfect for investors who desire lower volatility, stable principle value and returns that allow investors to meet or exceed their actuarial assumptions through an investment strategy in a portfolio of life settlements.

Results with Absolute Returns

Bloomberg says, "Life settlements are the only asset which can truly be said to provide Absolute Returns. They are not correlated to any traded market - whether stock, bond currency or commodity markets - nor to political or economical upheaval. Once invested, the only variable affecting a funds return, is the life expectancy of the policies held."



Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and fund manager, is a co-founding member of DBK Trust’s team within The ZONE Group, Inc., with the primary duty for developing fiscally responsible programs and methods of eliminating risk

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Chief Marketing Officer and fund manager, is a member of DBK Trust’s team within The ZONE Group, Inc. With many responsibilities involved in managing investor funds, Chris also adds a solid grasp of the...

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